Friedrich Nietzsche once stated that “without music life would be a mistake.” Anyone who knows Lawrence (LP) would know that he deeply agrees with that. His musical voyage began with classical piano training at the age of 8. It was when he began playing the guitar at age 10 that Lawrence found his forte. During his high school years he played lead guitars and vocals for a rock/metal garage band. It was during this time that he formed roots in industrial music which ultimately led to his love of electronic music. In the mid to late 90’s he was an avid supporter of the local rave scene in Pittsburgh which led to him stumbling across turntables as his new vehicle for music creation. For over 6 years Lawrence has been spinning various flavors of house and trance. Recently his roots in rock music have resurfaced and you can find them in his techy electro sets. Some of his electronic music influences include Hybrid, Meat Katie, and Rex the Dog; but his main musical inspirations will always be founded in rock.

Always armed with a barrage of vinyl that spans the genres but has a large focus in rock, electro house, electroclash and breakbeat Lawrence has made it his objective to keep the energy level high and guarantee that those on the dancefloor have an amazing time. Many DJ’s claim to be unique in their style but only some succeed in creating their very own distinctive sound, Lawrence is one of the few that has accomplished this with his truly trademark 80’s and rock inspired sound.

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