It would be naïve for one to say that Paul Alexander is not influenced by everything around him. All musical styles, DJ’s, artists (not just musical), and everyday experiences have cognitive effects on what he chooses to play and listen to.

He has always enjoyed music with electronic influence since day one. He didn’t discover his hidden obsession with EDM until somewhere around 95-98. In 1999 he had taken a trip to visit his uncle in London, England – and was opened up to an entirely different culture. When he came home he realized that part of that culture was right here, staring him in the face the entire time. Naturally, attending raves and dance music events led to Paul’s education of what DJ’s / Turntables + Mixer actually were used for… and hence became the immediate object of Mr. Alexander’s desire. The combination of Paul getting pleasure from sharing things he enjoys with other people and the role of a DJ were both too strong for him to pass up.

Past musical influences would be sort of incorrect, as most of the music Paul used to listen to he still listens to today. Bands that come to his mind that would have had a little bit more influence on his DJ’ing would be: Ministry, Tears for Fears, Tool, Sneaker Pimps, The Cure, Stabbing Westward, Type-O Negative, Front Line Assembly, and honestly – most 80’s singles.

More recent and direct influences include, but certainly are not limited to: Massive Attack, Thievery Corporation, Pepe Deluxe, Gab Oliver, James Holden, Peace Division, Tim Skinner, Jeff Bennett, Maetrik, John Digweed, Barry Robb (Sphere), Habersham & Numinous, Chris Micali, Joshua Collins, Earth Deuley – the list will never end – and to say that Pittsburgh’s local DJ’s & artists influence Paul would be the biggest understatement since pizza.

As far as describing Paul’s style and what he plays – well... he really doesn’t believe that these few words would provide any more insight than you already don’t have, or even justifies the records themselves. He does, however, value atmosphere just as much as dance floor mentality. Mr. Alexander tries his best to find music that is fresh, tasteful, and hopefully will shuffle some feet.

Paul can be heard every third Thursday of each month at 8pm as the main host of "Spin Radio" on the legendary Mercury Sessions radio station. [ms] Listen in as he verbally assaults DJs, listeners, and pretty much everything else possible.

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